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Ladders are relatively easy devices to use, but can be unsafe to the user or cause property damage when carried incorrectly.   This is why we created the LADDERGO.

This one of a kind, unique ladder handle can be used on just about any kind of ladder, aluminum and fiberglass a-frame ladders as well as aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders. The LADDERGO can be attached anywhere on the ladder’s side rails and is designed to evenly distribute the weight of any ladder to maintain absolute balance. By using the LADDERGO handle a safe and ergonomic solution is achieved when lifting and carrying your ladders. When ever possible with heavier ladders, please use two people.

This affordable and ergonomic solution will save you trips going back and forth from the truck to the work area, because the LADDERGO allows you to carry the ladder balanced and controlled just by using only one hand. The LADDERGO accomplishes aninjury free environment between you and your ladder by having more comfort and control when using it.

Learn more about the safety benefits from our safety brochure!